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Smart home security has become increasingly popular as the years have gone by. With the continuous advancements in technology it has now become even easier to protect your home, family and personal possessions. Booth Electrical Services are a reliable team of professions who are here for your protection. Experts in the supply and install of smart home security, our bespoke security systems are controlled and installed with you in mind, unique to every home and its owners. Still not convinced. Read on to learn more about smart home security benefits and the positive impact it could have on you and your home.


Starting with the obvious statement, smart home security offers ultimate protection. The classic intruder would break in and go straight for the valuables, collect possessions such as jewellery or electronics before making a swift exit. Smart home security prevents them from even taking a step inside your home. A home security system will not only notify you with suspicious activity but also the authorities, increasing the chances of the intruder getting in caught in plenty of time.

Remote Monitoring:

We’ve come a long way from an alarm system that used sensors. New technology gives home owners the ability to monitor their home from thousands of miles away through a web portal or mobile app. You are now able to monitor your home in real time through your mobile which is also in high definition (HD). It also gives users the ability to control their alarm from a far, arming and disarming their system.

Increase the Value of your Home:

Statistics have shown that 81% of smart home device owners have said that people are more likely to purchase a property that has smart home technology inside and out. In the new generation of home buyers more and more people are in search of a new home that is high tech, filling the need of ease and control from your mobile device. Installing smart home lighting, heating and security systems can increase the value of your home appealing to todays more tech craving audience. Smart features within the home is becoming expected, as experts in smart home automation the reliable team at Booth Scotland go above and beyond to cater for you needs supplying and installing lighting and heating systems as well and security such as CCVTV’s.

Lowers Insurance:

Since we’re on the topic of property now is the perfect time to say if you’re not on the housing market to sell smart home security can lower your house insurance. Every day we find ways to save money whether on your weekly food shop or best bargains when buying clothes but saving money on your property could be overlooked. Most insurance companies offer reduced premiums to homeowners who install a smart security system that monitors it’s surrounding both in and around your home. As previously mentioned, smart security systems reduce the chances of burglary, but did you know it can also prevent fire and water damage through constant monitoring resulting in fewer claims processed by the insurance company. So, if you want to reduce your costs for insurance install your smart home security today and if you already have one get in touch with your home insurance company and inform them, you may be missing out on a few extra pounds every month.

Peace of Mind:

One of the main benefits, above all is your piece of mind. Feel safe 24/7 with your new smart home security system which you have complete control over no matter where you are in the world. Contact the Booth Electrical Services team today on 01467 621413 or email us on The experienced team will come to you and carry out a free, no obligation survey.