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A Revolution in Heating Technology

Infrared heating is a whole new way to warm your home. Unlike conventional heaters like radiators that use air currents that can attract and create airborne dust and bacteria, infrared travels through the air, until it hits an object, this object then absorbs the infrared particles and produces heat. The process is 100% energy efficient, meaning there is absolutely no energy going to waste, and saving you money.

Control the Heating from your Phone

Picture the scene, you’re sat at work, it’s 3pm, and its cold outside. You can’t wait to get home to enjoy the benefits of your lovely warm house, heated efficiently by innovative infrared technology, relax and put your feet up. When suddenly you remember. You forgot to set your heating to come on!

Well worry no longer, as the solution to this problem is finally here! Infrared heating systems can be connected to smart thermostats, allowing you to control when your heating comes on, wherever you are in the world, with your phone.

Cost Effective to Install

The infrared heaters can simply be placed inside your home without the need for complicated internal pipework or expensive and unreliable boilers. They can even be designed to look like a painting or a piece of art and can be hung on the wall, taking up very little space. Additionally, unlike old-fashioned water or fan-based heating, infrared heaters have no moving parts, and therefore require very little in the way of maintenance.

If you want to ensure that every penny you spend on energy isn’t wasted by inefficient conventional heaters, then you’re in luck, as Booth Electrical Services are approved installers of Redwell Infrared heating. Redwell is the UK’s leading consultant and supplier of infrared heating with heaters that can be designed to blend in whatever your house’s aesthetic.