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Smart home lighting is in! Lighting is no longer turned on and off from a nearby switch, but instead from your mobile device. Continuous advancements in technology has meant that you can now control your homes lighting design from anywhere across the world and at any time. That’s what makes this technology smart!

All you need is an internet connection, this will allow you to connect with your home hub, making lighting control from your mobile device easy. It will allow the lights within your home to be controlled at the touch of a button from the palm of your hand. You’ll also have the power to schedule your lighting design, turn them on and off at certain times and change the colour as you wish using your voice alone through voice recognition technology whilst in the house.

No wonder smart home lighting is becoming more and more popular, many homes have started to adopt this smart technology and incorporate it with other smart devices around the house.

Beyond the aesthetic and entertaining abilities of smart home lighting, there are also many benefits that will encourage you to consider buying these smart appliances (if you haven’t done so already!)…

  1. It will help improve your mood! Yes, these smart home lighting devices can enhance your mood, especially during those long nights across the Scottish winter months. Change the lighting colour to suit every mood, event or party within your home, we guarantee there is a colour for every occasion.
  2. It will increase your security. When on holiday you want your house to behave as if it’s not empty, as if there are still people inside. This is when smart lighting can help. You can turn lights on and off and change the brightness and colours within every single room in the house via your smartphone from anywhere in the world.
  3. It will save you money! Some of these smart lighting appliances have sensors, by using these sensors you will ensure your lights only switch on when someone walks into the room or a hallway and will switch off again when no-one is there.
  4. It will decorate your house! These smart home lighting systems come in many colours and designs to be mounted on your walls or ceilings. With astonishing designs, they will contribute to the decor of your interiors, making them an excellent artistic piece in any room around your house.

Booth Electrical Services are approved suppliers and installers of Lutron Lighting, the UK’s leading lighting control specialists. The wide range of Lutron Lighting control products vary from individual dimmers to complete lighting management systems. It gives you the option to regulate your lighting in any room depending on your needs and the ability to control your lighting at any time with the touch of a button.

Still need convincing about our smart home lighting solutions? Let our Head of Booth Electrical Services, Colin McRobbie tell you more about our products.