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Infrared heating has taken the world by storm, it’s the new and modern way to heat your property and people are noticing the difference.

Booth Electrical Services are your approved suppliers and installers of Redwell Infrared Heating and are on hand to transform the way you heat your home. Redwell Infrared Heating systems look great in any home, they can be designed to look like a picture on your wall for instance, effectively taking up little space. Unlike conventional heating, infrared travels through the air until it hits an object, this object then absorbs the infrared particles causing the molecules to vibrate and produce heat. Infrared technology heats you and objects, not just the air. This process is 100% energy efficient, delivering significant energy and cost saving benefits.

ACT Thermal Radiators

The Lifestyle Radiators are designed to be the most energy efficient radiator available. There are various features and controls built into the radiator programme, including PID Intelligent Control, that ensures accurate temperature efficiency to 0.2C. This technology is far superior to other forms of heating such as traditional storage heaters and dry element radiators.

The Lifestyle Radiators are easy and cost effective to install. Compared to other heating systems such as gas or water, with high costs of installing pipe-work and expensive boilers, the Lifestyle provides an efficient and cost-efficient installation option for the end user and installer.

We are also improved suppliers and installers of Dimplex heaters.

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